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Sundays at 8:00 & 10:30 am
Mondays at 6:30 pm

Mid-Week Advent Worship
Dec 5, 12 and 19
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

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Each of our three weekend worship services are identical.  We gather with one another to praise and proclaim the message of Christ Jesus our Savior in Word & Sacrament.  All are welcome to join us!

What can you expect in a worship service at Good Shepherd?

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Good Shepherd provides opportunities for people of every age to stay connected to God's Word.  Through our study of the Bible our faith is strengthened, we grow in our knowledge of what God has done and what he promises us, and we grow closer to one another as we learn along side of one another.

Sunday School  (Ages 3-8th Grade) 
s,9:20-10:15 am
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Group Bible Study (All Ages)

Evening Bible Study (All Ages)
Mondays 7:30-8:30 pm

Mid-Week Morning Bible Study (All Ages) 
Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 am


Mid-Week Advent Worship
December 5, 12, and 19 at 6:30pm

nullWhat are your favorite Christmas songs?  There are plenty to choose from and you’ve probably been hearing them on the radio or in stores since the beginning of November.  There are three Christmas songs that God chose to have recorded for us in the Bible that surround one of the greatest of events of human history – the birth of Jesus.  On each Wednesday leading up to Christmas, make use of these devotional services (30-35 minutes) to refocus your thoughts and refresh your spirit during this often stressful and busy season.  Stop and listen to this inspired Christmas Playlist.   

Sunday School and Choir
Christmas Service
December 23 at 9:00am


What is the most memorable Christmas gift you have received?  Maybe you think back to your childhood, opening a gift that you had hoped, but didn’t expect to get. Maybe you think of a gift that you received from a special person.  Or maybe it’s a gift that you continue to use to this day although quite old.  Gifts can be memorable for many different reasons.  This special single Sunday Christmas service will lead us to recall God’s greatest gift to us, his Son Jesus.  This is one Gift that is not merely memorable, but eternally life-changing!

Christmas Eve Candlelight
December 24 at 6:30 pm


“Let there be light!”  Those are words that you might associate more with creation than with Christmas.  Although, you might say something similar as you hold your breath, plug in the plethora of extension cords for your outdoor lighted Christmas display, and hope it goes on.  There was no breath-holding that took place by God on that first Christmas as he sent his Son Jesu into this world.  Jesus was the Light that God had promised and planned to send ever since the darkness of sin and death fell upon his world.  This candlelight Christmas service will help us to again see how Jesus is the perfect Light in our darkness.  With familiar Christmas carols, specially prepared music and an inspiring and relevant message, we will come to worship the glorious Light that came on that first Christmas night.

Christmas Day
December 25 at 9:00 am


After ripping open those Christmas gifts, or before heading off to spend the day with friends and family, come and worship Christ the newborn King!  This service will allow us to joyfully reflect upon the promises of God repeated throughout centuries to send his Son to be our Savior, and see that promise take on flesh, be born in Bethlehem and be placed in a manger. With Scripture readings and the singing of familiar Christmas songs, we will lift our hearts and voices once again to praise our God who through his Son has brought us a timeless comfort and joy.